Terrorism & the Financial Markets

Wall Street has the potential to recover quickly from geopolitical shocks. Provided by Dywane A. Hall, MA, RFC, CRPC, AIF    In the past few months, the world has seen several high-profile terrorist attacks. Incidents in the U.S., Belgium, Pakistan, Lebanon, Russia, and France have claimed more than 500 lives and injured approximately 1,000 people. … [Read more…]

Changes in the Retirement Benefits Landscape

A rundown of the big & little alterations coming next year. Presented by Dywane A. Hall, MA, RFC, CRPC   2015 will bring COLAs, changes & something new. Each year, the retirement benefits landscape looks a little different, and next year is no exception. Here’s a look at what will change, what might develop, and … [Read more…]

Pension Plans & Derisking

Corporations are transferring pension liabilities to third parties. Where does this leave retirees? Presented by Dywane A. Hall, MA, RFC, CRPC   A new phrase has made its way into the contemporary financial jargon: derisking. Anyone with assets in an old-school pension plan should know what that phrase signifies.   The derisking trend began in … [Read more…]


% CHANGE Y-T-D 1-YR CHG 5-YR AVG 10-YR AVG DJIA +7.51 +11.09 -0.31 +5.57 NASDAQ +14.06 +17.01 +2.55 +11.81 S&P 500 +12.40 +16.65 -0.74 +5.89 REAL YIELD 12/14 RATE 1 YR AGO 5 YRS AGO 10 YRS AGO 10 YR TIPS -0.74% -0.04% 1.90% 3.10% Sources: usatoday.com, cnbc.com, bigcharts.com, treasury.gov, treasurydirect.gov – 12/14/126,7,8,10,11,12 Indices are … [Read more…]