Could You Create Your Own Pension Plan?

SBOs are taking a new look at old-school defined benefit plans. Provided by Dywane A. Hall, MA, RFC, CRPC, AIF   Contrary to popular belief, classic pension plans have not disappeared. Corporations have mostly jettisoned them, but highly profitable small businesses are giving them a second look. Why are small business owners deciding to adopt … [Read more…]

Pension Questions After the Detroit Bankruptcy

How many retirees face the possibility of less recurring income? Provided by Dywane A. Hall On July 18, Detroit became the largest American city to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy. What will happen to the pensions of its 20,000+ retired public employees? There is a possibility they could be reduced – perhaps greatly. In the … [Read more…]


 What can married couples do to increase joint lifetime benefits? Presented by Dywane A. Hall, MA, RFC, CRPC What is your “magic number”? Roughly half of retirees claim Social Security benefits at age 62, as soon as they become eligible. Some people delay benefits and postpone using their retirement savings as an income source. Others … [Read more…]


A look at why small businesses and professional practices like this option. Presented by Dywane A. Hall, MA, RFC, CRPC In 1985, there were 114,000 defined benefit plans in America. By 2011, that number had shrunk to 38,000. Since 1985, some businesses have elected to replace a traditional pension plan with an alternative: a cash … [Read more…]