About Dywane Hall

Hi I am Dywane Hall and welcome to my blog.

I built this site to serve as a conduit between my business life, investment research, thoughts about the global economy and social issues, and a little glimpse into my life outside of work.  While anyone can stumble upon the site, it’s really designed for clients, friends, and those interested in my work but wanting to do it with a little distance.

A little background:

I was born overseas as my parents were in the military.  I was the quintessential Army Brat. I attended Hampton Institute and was commissioned a U.S. Army lieutenant with every intention of making service to my country a career.  After several great assignments and the opportunity to attend and graduate from Pepperdine University’s graduate school program, I became fascinated by financial planning and managing wealth.

I took a leap of faith, left active duty service and joined what is now LPL Financial Services in 1984.  My practice has focused on serving those individuals and organizations that are truly committed to obtaining a successful retirement experience.

As I learned through my experience in the military, when you are ten thousand feet above the ground, you get one chance to prove yourself.  If you make a mistake, it’ll probably be your last.  That’s why you plan so completely for every jump:  it’s get it right, or you won’t have a chance to do it again.

When it comes to retirement planning and investment management, nothing is guaranteed.   At least you want to try and put the odds in your favor.  That’s why you prepare.  And just as you wouldn’t nonchalantly leap out of a plane at 10,000 feet, you shouldn’t leap into the financial markets without a plan or a process.  You might as well throw your money to the wind.

There are tons of places for do it yourselfers to go, but where do you go when you realize that your retirement, your investment planning and your financial affairs are just too important for you to attempt to do it yourself?   I wanted and want to be that place.

I specialize in helping my clients meet their retirement goals, by providing them the guidance they need to achieve the retirement of their dreams. My personal creed: ‘Treat my clients like family, work hard, and do the right thing.’”

I hope that the articles, musings, rants and tips will help you.  If so then I will consider the time, the effort and the research, well worth it.